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Submit an Idea

Submit an Idea

Keep in mind that we are looking for ideas which:

  • Are focused on reducing the number of children living in poverty in New Zealand
  • Approach this by working to change systems
  • Make changes to systems which address one or more of the cause(s) of poverty

You can either:

1. Submit your Idea with a view to requesting funds to develop it yourself/yourselves:

  • Before submitting your Idea please make sure you’ve read all of the information on this website/page and the FAQs below.
  • We are supportive of working together where it can add value, and will happily accept joint proposals from two or more parties.
  • We just want your Idea to begin with – we have kept the proposal form short. If your proposal is short-listed, you will be asked to provide further information.
  • You can link to or upload a short audio or video clip as part of your proposal if you would like.  Please make this no longer than 2 minutes, and no larger than 25 MB.
  • Click here to fill out your proposal.  You don’t need to complete it all at once.  Remember to click ‘submit’ when you’ve finished.
  • Please send us your proposals by 30 September 2017.
  • If it is not easy for you fill out your proposal online, you are welcome to talk with us: (04) 472 8876 or [email protected] and we will find another way!

OR you can

2. Share your idea for others to develop via our HunchBuzz site:

  • Even if you are not in a position to develop your Idea, we would still like to hear about it!  We may be able to link you with others, or interest others in your Idea.
  • Our Hunchbuzz is a place online where people can generate, post, share and comment on ideas. You can log in with your Google or Facebook account or using your email address – this is a quick process.


Can you submit more than one Idea?

Yes.  If your second Idea is unrelated to the first, it would be better to make a separate submission.

What is the timeline?

Please send us your proposal by the end of 30 September 2017.  We will let you know that we have received it, and send you an update once we know how many proposals have come in
The process for making decisions about who receives funding may be quite fluid.  Some Ideas may be offered funding or other support at different times.  This means it is difficult to give a firm date for when you will hear back to us.  We will certainly let you know if we’ve decided not to take your Idea forward.

Is this the only opportunity to put your Idea forward?

The short answer is, we don’t know yet.  While we don’t currently see another wide call for Ideas like this, we haven’t ruled it out.  We might also ‘shoulder tap’ groups in the future.